1.What is Battle Saga?
Battle Saga is a next gen strategic game inspired by 'Clash of Clans'. A futuristic decentralized NFT game far from other NFT games which enable users to Earn-Without-Playing.
2. How is BTL different from $GOLD?
Battle Saga has two tokens, BTL which is the native token of the game and $GOLD being the in-game token. We use BTL tokens to buy $GOLD which can be used to own realms, build your own base camp to defend from attackers, or build your own games in the realm, train troops and many more.
3. What is the main mechanism of the game? How can the players earn from the game?
The gaming mechanism revolves around live offense and pre-built defense. Players can earn through many earning aspects of the game. The main gameplay, which is the live offense and pre-built defense, act as a source of income by rewarding players for each successful offensive or defensive attempt. Player can also earn by breeding NFTs and selling or renting them out on the marketplace. Token staking and farming are also alternative source of income that have been implemented unto the game.
4. How will you develop the governance system of the game?
We will be implementing a innovative DAO system in the game. This will close the gap between developers and the players making it much easier to see the recommendation of players being implemented in the game. Our community will have a say in the development of the game with constant player recommended updates being used to further improve the game.
5. What makes Battle Saga different from the other NFT games?
Unlike other gaming projects that are only focused on the earning aspect, we are really bringing out a top quality game. We are focusing on every small thing in the game and let's not forget about the Earn-Without-Playing mechanism. A game where you can earn without playing, you just have to make sure your base is protected with strong defense.