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3 Types of Battle Saga NFTs

1. Hero NFTs

Battle Saga Heroes are a unique set of NFTs which incorporates the layer system and creates value for the in-game assets. Players can wander through the metaverse in the form of their digital avatar. The Hero NFT collection comprises of 10,000 sets of unique 3D NFTs. They are the Heroes of Battle Saga who have sworn to protect and fight for the glory of your realms.

All 10,000 Hero NFTs are a unique composition of different layer attributes. Common NFTs starts with 5 layers, Unique NFTs with 6 layers, Rare NFTs with 7 layers, Epic NFTs with 8 layers, Legendary NFTs with 9 layers, and Mythic NFTs with 10 layers. The NFT becomes rarer as each layer is added on them. NFT Layers of a Mythic NFT.

Heroes, breeding and Skins.

Battle Saga offers various types of NFTs, enabling players to own game items that they play. The main NFT for Battle Saga is its Hero NFTs. The Hero NFTs come in various forms, shapes and rarity. This Hero NFTS also has the ability to train other heroes (a concept similar to breeding). Enabling players to create new Hero NFTs and sell them in the marketplace. Players will also have the option of changing the heroโ€™s weapon with the Weapon skin NFTs with different rarities.

Buildings and Towers - Players can also have the option of buying different buildings and towers skin NFTs which also differ in rarity.

Troops - The next type of NFTs are the troops. These NFTs will be burned once you finish attacking. Players can also donate them or sell these NFTs in the marketplace, but they do not have the rarity differences.

Base Camp

The Base camp itself is an NFT of its own and can be sold in the market. Players can sell the base camp with all the other NFTs as a package in the marketplace. Each map consists of 10k basecamp NFTs, summing up to 40k basecamp NFTs.

$BTL/NFT Staking

Users can stake $BTL/NFTs and earn $BTL.

$BTL/NFT Farming

Users can farm $BTL/NFT and earn $GOLD.

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