Battle Saga Litepaper V1

Background Story

Thousands of years ago, there were humans still venturing and exploring a no man's land. They were fearless and hungry for survival. Then one day, a few discovered a magical land filled with mythical creatures and bounteous resources. The chosen ones started to relocate themselves and began their new chapter in life.
Words about this land spread quickly. Many more came to the new world and it gradually became overpopulated. Resources once overflowing were now depleted. Territories once seemed boundless were now limited. Original inhabitants blamed humans. Newcomers ravaged out of control. Once again, the humans had to fight back for their survival. Shattered dreams of peace and there came ceaseless battles.
Humans, as always, found clever ways of winning and started forming Allies with their trusted friends and families. Together they fought. And the next chapter in life where battles never ceased