๐Ÿช™Game Ecosystem

Game Earning Mechanism

The earning mechanism for the game will be from the web3 dashboard where users have to connect their game account to a web3 wallet address.

Users will have to connect the game to the web3 dashboard and enjoy the earning mechanism.

The different avenues of earning mechanism are listed below

1. Leaderboard

2. Allies War(Clan War)

3. Tournament

4. Wager Match

5. Donate Troops

The earning ecosystem will be a sustainable mechanism unlike other Play to earn games

1. Earning through leaderboard

Top players from each league from the leaderboard will be rewarded, to incentivized their performance

2. Allies War (Clan War)

Players form Allies and go to Allies Wars. Allies War can be a league or tournaments between/amongst Allies.

3. Tournaments

Tournaments will be organized regularly and players can enter the tournament with an entry fee. Tournaments are of two different types; players vs players and allies vs allies.

4. Wager Match

There are two types for wager match:

1. Players Challenging other player to attack your base for an amount (defend to earn)

In this system Players can put a set amount of wage or loot to challenge other players to destroy the players base. If the opponent wins the player will take the wage or the loot and if the defender wins the opponent has to pay the set amount of wage or loot.

2. Accepting other playerโ€™s Challenges to attack their base and grab the wage (attack to earn)

In this system players look for bases that has loots or wages set so that they can attack and get the loot or wage.

5. Donate Troops

Players donate troops to their Allies and receive 10% of royalty from the matches the receiver earns.

Quests and Royal Pass

Players can play and complete daily quests and missions for extra earnings. Players can even buy a Royal Pass, which unlocks next level quests and helps to earn more that also grants attractive rewards.

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