1. The Team at Battle Saga makes efforts to create an enjoyable gaming experience by not merely focusing on the earning aspects.

  2. Battle Saga uses a unique matchmaking algorithm, matching players of the same in-game levels. As upgrading options for buildings, troops and heroes are phased with player's level, two players of the same level will have similar level of armors and defenses, giving fair matchmaking for all players.

  3. Most games do not allow players to take part in in-game updates and developments. Games often leave flaws that players wish developers would remove or correct. Implementing an innovative DAO system provides players optimum voting rights in the process of game development and improvement.

  4. Often games lack sustainability due to lack of proper profits. Battle Saga, on the other hand, has a number of revenue streams such as in-game NFTS, Marketplace trades, Royalpass, Breeding Commissions, etc. that guarantees its autonomy.

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