The Metaverse of Battle Saga

The Sagaverse will enable its players to immerse themselves into the virtual world of Battle Saga and allow players to socialize and bring them closer to create a next generation gaming experience. The Sagaverse will be implemented in three phases; in the first phase players will be able to communicate with their Allies and visit their base camps. In the second phase, players will be able to go to the Marketplace together to shop. Finally in the third phase, players will be able to battle in the sagaverse-live. In the Sagaverse, the in-game NFT heros that players own will be the avatars for the players in the virtual world of Battle saga.

Battle Saga is played within the vast metaverse of 10,000 plots of Realms(lands) which are NFT’s of their own. Players are encouraged to explore, own, rent and customize their plots. Players can build their own empires and form allies to enjoy social communities by hosting parties, organizing tournaments, building mini games and going to Allies War. They can also create further revenue generating assets by structuring and purchasing other in-land assets such as buildings, sculptures, flag poles and various decorations which can add on extra values.

All of this is available on the Battle Saga Marketplace, where various digital assets can be bought and sold. Enjoying such NFT rewards is one of many Battle Saga's economic promotion mechanisms.

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