Game Play and Ecosystem

The BEP-20 standard native token will be referred to as $BTL and in-game token as $GOLD. $GOLD can be liquidated to $BTL and vice versa.


Players build their base camp, towers and buildings to wield maximum strategic functions. Upgrading all these buildings and towers will require $GOLD and upgrade of any buildings solely depend upon the level of the Palace. Higher the level of the palace, the higher the level of the towers and buildings unlocked and players will have to upgrade each one of them in their desired times and strategic ways. All of the buildings are NFTs of their own, which are tradable in the Marketplace.


Players build their defenses strategically to win against any attackers. It includes game plans of how/ where one places their defensive towers, walls, bombs, traps and also the levels of the buildings and towers. Stronger the defense wins the battle against attackers. Upgrading defensive buildings and towers is directly related to the level of the Palace.


Players train troops in the bootcamp to prepare to attack enemy bases or troops can also be donated to the Allies. Upgrading troops is directly related to the level of the Palace.


Players attack enemy bases with the trained-troops and destroy them to win.